Conventional bioproduction methods require huge and specialized infrastructures for each new product, difficulting the fulfilment of the manufacturing needs in remote locations. What if we could just send information that could unfold on site? AladDNA is an innovative genetic design aimed to encode the manufacturing instructions for several bioproducts as genetic information. It is also capable to process this information on demand as single output products in response to the user´s wishes. Just like a genie in a lamp!
This system uses DNA to store information inside a plant seed, acting as a miniaturized and flexible biofactory capable of producing different bioproducts such as interferon alpha or anti-choleric vaccines. Equipped with an optogenetically controlled decoder, AladDNA can activate the production of different high-added value products upon the reception of external signals based on combinations of light stimuli. AladDNA allows bioproduction in any condition avoiding prohibitive costs due to infrastructures.
No matter where you are or what you need, just ask your wish!
Because AladDNA has no frontiers!

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